Welcome to The Conversation Project in Boulder County!  We’re here to help you with an array of free services and resources so you and your loved ones can “build your crisis muscles” and prepare for future medical decision-making.  Did you know that in the state of Colorado, if you are unable to make a medical decision for yourself, the law requires that doctors gather all “interested parties” to get a consensus as to how to proceed?  This could be your neighbor, a long lost relative, or anyone who may know you and be “interested.”  Does that sound like a good idea?

            The surest way to see that your medical care is truly guided by your own choices and decisions is to have meaningful conversations with loved ones – early and often – and appoint a well-informed agent through a Medical Durable Power of Attorney (MDPOA).  This will prevent any and all “interested parties” from having a say in your treatment should you not be able to make a decision due to incapacity.  And did you know that at some point in our lives, 50% of us will be unable to make such decisions for ourselves?

            You may be caring for an aging parent who “doesn’t want to talk about it” (i.e., the future) or you may want to talk to your family about your quality of life and values.  How do we even start?  The Conversation Project in Boulder is part of a national movement to raise awareness around the importance of Advance Care Planning – making plans for future medical treatment based not on specific clinical situations but rather by engaging in a values-based dialogue with those we love.  And we have FREE confidential coaching to get your started, and some really great tools and resources to do this.

            When’s the best time to do this?  How about right now?  Call or email and we will provide you with help and guidance, free of charge, so that you can appoint an informed agent and give yourself and your family some peace of mind about future medical decisions.  It’s never too soon, until it’s too late. Talking about the future isn’t grim; it’s a way to tell stories about yourself so your loved ones will make the kind of choices you would want. 

            See what we’re about – call (303) 442 0436, ext. 133 or email today, or download our free CONDENSED STARTER KIT. Thanks, and we look forward to helping you.