The Conversation Project in Boulder County needs your support!

The Conversation Project in Boulder County depends on individual donors and organizational sponsors who support our mission of “fostering meaningful and effective conversations on end-of-life care.” While all of us speakers, coaches and leaders are volunteers, there are costs incurred in providing  attendee follow-up, periodic invited speaker honoraria and expenses, maintaining the website, managing mailing lists management, creating a quarterly newsletter, printing of materials and purchasing equipment. The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County serves as our fiscal sponsor. Your charitable contribution will  be recognized by that organization. 

Sponsorship information

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Check made payable to The Conversation Project in Boulder County

1123 Spruce Street, Boulder, CO 80302. Indicate “sponsorship” in the notation section,

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Benefits for Organizational Sponsors

$2000 – One year sponsorship 

Donations to The Conversation Project are fully tax-deductible.