I’ve recently made an amazing discovery. While visiting my again parents in New Mexico last month, I was at the home of a friend and noticed an interesting looking book on a large work table in their kitchen.  I asked what it was, and was told that my friend had heard about it on an NPR radio station interview and went on to describe that it was the easiest, most relevant, understandable, user friendly guide on a subject that we all think about but rarely discuss, unless you’re in the middle of it and grasping for straws.

Relating to all things about preparing for the inevitability of death, whether your own eventual passing or of someone you love … parents, siblings, relatives, partners, spouses, or even on maybe someone you are care-giving, regardless of age or health status.

It’s only about 40 pages, has standard 8×10 fill in the blank form documents (Last Will & Testament, Power of Attorney and Advance Health Care Directives) and walks you through step by step relevant end-of-life issues. The hell that you or your loved ones’ experience if you don’t have even certain basic documents pulled together. I immediately became aware of the fact that it was written by a Certified Paralegal who’s been helping folks get this type of important paperwork done after a handful of unexpected major losses of his own.  I immediately took down the website (entered into my fancy new smart phone!) and subsequently ordered not just a copy for myself, but for my brother, sister, parents and my two adult children and several friends. Sadly, even a friend at work recently lost her 22 year old son in a motorcycle accident and I was able to pass it on.  Maybe a little late for her but she said she still found it useful.   The book is only 20 bucks with so much great information.

Life Is ShortIncredibly helpful really, I found it to be super resourceful and an easy read and was able to immediately outline my own strategy to get it done for myself so I don’t burden ANYONE with having to clean up a costly time consuming mess (let alone the expense) while mourning the loss. Run don’t walk, to get your copy.   www.lifeizshort.com   CHECK IT OUT !