“When we cannot act for ourselves, who will pay our bills? Who will care for our home or pet? Who will answer a health care provider’s question? What if we fall and can’t get up? Who knows what we want?” These are all questions that older adults may ask, and circumstances for LGBT older adults can be particularly tenuous.

 This interactive planning and information workshop offers LGBT older adults time to reflect upon how to create intentional communities of care. Organizer Nancy Grimes notes, “Our ‘rainbow elders’ may be especially vulnerable towards end of life. We are five times less likely to have children and twice as likely to live alone as our cisgender/heterosexual counterparts. There may be no next of kin to call upon. For many of us, that means there are no obvious caregivers or personal representatives. How can we assure that our wishes are expressed and respected?”

 A team of local experts will share their knowledge, followed by discussion: Alice Ierley, J.D., Brown & Ierley LLC; Maggie Benton, New York Life; and Phyllis Coleta, J.D., Director of The Conversation Project in Boulder County.

Interactive Planning and Information Workshop

Sat. Nov. 19th 10am – Noon

Longmont Senior Center – 910 Longs Peak Ave.

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