Imagine lying on your deathbed looking back at your life, are you satisfied? I recently read an
article titled “The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying” by Joe Martino. The article talked about a book
that a palliative nurse had written, and her findings of what people most regret when they’re
dying. I began to think of who I want to be or what I want to do before I die. By the time I die
I want to have built a life that I am proud of and also have built a healthy and steady life for
my family. Lastly, before I die I want to have achieved all of my life goals.

Before I kick the bucket I want to make sure that I have built a healthy and steady life for my family. By a healthy life I don’t mean a strong immune system, I mean that I want my family to know the importance of healthy relationships, along with the importance of trust and
respect. I also want to raise my kids knowing that we will always be there for one and another. To me these are just important life values that I think are good for my family to know and follow. Before dying, I want to know that I have built a strong life for my family. I don’t want my kids to grow up having to move house to house and continuously changing schools. I also don’t want them to have to deal with unsteady people coming in and out of our lives.

Another thing that I want to happen before I die, is that I want to reach all of my goals
that I have set for myself. I want to have a steady job working with people, in particular with
children. I want to get my degrees in Early Childhood Education and work with children on
expanding their knowledge. Another goal I want to reach before I die would be to buy my own
house. To most this is a normal thing and not much of a goal, but when you come from a
background of inconsistent living situations, you want to live somewhere that is all yours and
no one can take it away from you. My last goal before I die would be to expand my family by
someday having a home full of children. To me family is the most important thing a person
could have, and having a big one is what I want.

Last but not least, before I die I want to build a life that I am proud of. I don’t want to
look back at my life feeling sad for the things I did/didn’t do. I don’t want to feel ashamed for
the life that I have lived or the choices that I made. I want to accomplish things and leave
impressions on people that will last a lifetime. By the time that I am lying on my deathbed, I
want to close my eyes and imagine everything I have been through, take a deep breath, and
just say “wow.”

My hope is to build a life I am proud of, accomplish all of my goals, and build a
healthy and steady life before I die. Thinking of what you want to have accomplished before
you die helps you get an idea of what direction you want to point your life in. It’s never too late
to change the direction of your life, so if you want to try out new things and set new goals, do
it before it’s too late.